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Electronic wiring harness fusion multi-category technology


Electronic wiring harness fusion multi-domain technology

The network points in the loop structure of the wire harness of the CNC lathe are connected in a closed loop transmission line through an active interface, which is a point-to-point structure. Each network point in the ring structure has the same power to occupy the loop to transmit data, and the information flow it sends flows in the direction of the loop design. In order to improve reliability, redundancy measures such as double-ring or multi-ring can be used to solve the problem. The advantages of the ring structure are good real-time performance, large information throughput, and hundreds of outlets. But because the loop is closed, it is inconvenient to expand.

Today's automobile design incorporates the achievements of technological advances in many fields, and the engine, control system, safety air bag, ABS, etc. form a set of vehicle network systems. For persistent serial communication between various automotive subsystems, such as anti-theft locks, airbag deployment, engine control and GPs navigation, and protocols are the most common serial bus applications.

In the automotive design stage, engineers need a complete set of test tools that can conduct in-depth analysis of the complex automotive wiring harness bus system to clearly understand what is happening on the bus.

The star structure is a form in which a central network point controls the entire network in transmission. As the control unit of the central network, it receives data from each network and processes it, and then issues instructions to each network.