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Application of electronic wiring harness in life


Application of electronic wiring harness in life

Wiring harness terminal crimping method_What is the meaning of electronic wiring harness? Speaking of electronic wiring harness, many friends should be vaguely aware that it is a kind of wire, so what does it look like, I believe everyone must have seen it in life It can be divided into many strands. The exterior is wrapped with some insulating material, and the interior is some wires. The conductivity of the wires is relatively weak, so there are still some differences from ordinary wires.

It is widely used in daily life and can be seen everywhere. Commonly used in computer network cables, telephone cables, etc., there is a large insulating material on the outside, which is generally gray. The line may be marked with words such as the model of the electronic harness, and the insulation contains many small pieces. Some of the thin copper wires are pure copper, and some are composite copper and other metal alloys. The thin copper wires are respectively wrapped with colorful insulating materials.

The internal wires are distinguished by many colors because the wires used for network communication have high requirements on the installation of the interface. They must be arranged in a certain order and installed inside the transparent clip of the interface to be normal. The color is used for the manufacturing staff to distinguish the order of installation of the electronic wiring harness. It can be arranged directly according to the color, which is very convenient and time-saving.

This kind of cable is also necessary in many equipment, especially some small electric products, such as remote control, shaver, etc. The power of these products is much lower than the voltage used in normal life, so ordinary wires cannot be used inside to connect, and this kind of weak conductive wire can be used. Its specifications and line models have uniform regulations internationally.